Marvel Themed Days Out and Filming Locations in the UK

If you have an Avengers / Marvel mad child like me (or again, like me, you yourself are a huge Marvel fan!) and can’t quite make it to Avengers Campus this year due to restrictions and being stuck in the UK, there are some great days out you can go on right here in the UK to see either Marvel filming locations for some of their blockbusters or just really fun Marvel themed attractions. Here’s a list of a few ideas that would be great for over the summer holidays.

Madame Tussaud’s Blackpool

If you follow me on Instagram and/or TikTok, you’ll have seen that we recently visited Madame Tussaud’s Blackpool for their Marvel exhibition. The rest of Madame Tussaud’s was fun, however Vincent and his friend were only 6 so didn’t know most of the celebrities that the waxworks were based on so they really did enjoy the Marvel section the most. Here you can see Iron Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Hulk, Groot and Rocket and they are so realistic! We really loved it just for this section.

Thor was my favourite for obvious reasons…

If you’re nowhere near Blackpool, Madame Tussaud’s London also has a Hall of Heroes section with a couple of others that weren’t in Blackpool. In addition, they have Captain America, Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Black Panther. The Madame Tussaud’s venues are also featured on the Kellogg’s Grown Ups Go Free offer so it’s worth checking your cereal packets to save money on a trip. You can watch my Tik Tok about our visit here below:

Stanley Dock – Liverpool

Chris Evans as Captain America at Stanley Dock

Back in 2011, Marvel’s first Avenger Captain America visited Liverpool to film at Stanley Dock. He brought a cast and crew of over 500 to transform the Victorian dock into 1940’s New York. Stanley Dock has also been the filming spot for parts of Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Peaky Blinders. In the scene Captain America has just had the serum and one of Hydra steals a bottle of the serum and runs out onto the docks. I recently took Vincent to see this and he really loved that he recognised the spot and could pick bits out from the scene, he was especially excited to be able to see where the submarine would have been that the bad guy almost escapes in!

If you’re planning a trip here, it’s not something that will take all day. You could maybe spend around an hour at this spot itself and that’s at a push. However it is right by the famous Titanic Hotel, which actually backs onto the dock with some stunning views from their rooms and restaurant. If you’re from further a field this could be an option to stay over or even just eat at whilst you’re in the area. Alternatively, it is only a 5-10 minute drive away from Liverpool City Centre which is also home to the Albert Dock. This Dock is a lovely tourist area and is built identical to Stanley Dock so does look very similar. There is loads to do here like visiting the Tate, The Maritime Museum or The Beatles Story. If you’re looking for other ideas for days out whilst your in Liverpool, you can view my blog post here.

Cinema Trip

If you haven’t seen the new Black Widow yet, where have you been?!? We took Vincent to see this on opening day and it did not disappoint. Black Widow has never been any of our favourite Avengers so I didn’t go in with high expectations, however we loved it! It was really nice to have a bit of a back story about her past but the film is set between Civil War and Infinity War so we also get an insight into where her character was during this period and a few questions answered.

This would be perfect for any Marvel fan on a rainy day over the summer holidays. If you don’t quite feel up to going back to the cinema just yet, it’s available on Disney Plus too! It’s the only Marvel film in cinemas over the summer, with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings due for release in the beginning of September.

Hankley Common – Surrey

Speaking of Black Widow, one of the filming locations for the movie was right here in the UK. (**Slight Spoiler Warning now – if you haven’t seen the movie skip to the next point!**) Hankley Common is based in Surrey and in the movie was the area they landed the helicopter after rescuing Alexi from the prison. This is somewhere I am yet to visit however a quick Google search tells me that it has some gorgeous walking trails throughout. Potentially a good one to visit for kids / parents who are big Black Widow fans! David Harbour even posted this selfie on his Instagram whilst filming here!

New Asgard (St Abb’s, Scotland)

In Avengers: End Game, when Rocket and Hulk go to find Thor he has created New Asgard which looks like a small seaside town. This is actually based up in Scotland in a small town called St. Abb’s and is around an hours drive away from Edinburgh. You can see Thor’s house from the movie (although this is only from outside) and have a look around the bay/beach where the filming took place. I am yet to visit here but I’m hoping to try and squeeze in a little trip up to Scotland at some point over the summer holidays, purely so I can get a picture with the New Asgard sign.

Are you planning on visiting any of these over the summer? Are there any others you can think of that I’ve missed out?
Let me know in the comments!

Lauren x

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